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Our Corps of Drums are at the forefront of the marching band, leading the band in all parades and marching engagements. Based on the Corps of Drums of HM Royal Marines, all members of the Corps of Drums are known as "buglers", playing the military side drum and also Bb bugle. Our buglers are multi-talented, as they all also play other instruments within the concert band. Perfection is key with the Corps of Drums, and this is gained through hours of practice away from the band, busy memorising all of the repertoire, marches, drum solos and the impressive drum static displays that our audiences and followers love.

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Alongside their important role within the marching band, the Corps of Drums frequently feature in our larger concerts and also in standalone displays, regularly playing with other bands, at charity and variety events, and at wedding and funerals. 

If you are interested in the Corps of Drums performing at your event, please contact us

The Corps of Drums were reinstated in 2013 after the purchase of a set of Pearl Viscount military drums which proudly show off our band insignia. Since then the standard has rocketed, and with guidance and workshops from world renowned educator Craig Blundell and the Band of HM Royal Marines, the Corps of Drums never fail to 'wow' an audience.

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